Summer Camp transportation

Summer Camp Transportation

NEW FOR 2017, Woodward Copper is pleased to offering Summer Camp transportation from Denver International Airport and from the Wooly Mammoth Parking Lot located directly off I-70 in the Golden/Morrison area. You will find schedules, prices, and details on this page. Summer Camp transportation must be reserved in advance. To make a reservation or request additional information call 888.350.1544.

To/From Denver International Airport
Round-trip $120
One-way $65

To/From Wooly Mammoth Lot in Golden
Round-trip $75
One-way $40

Schedules & Details*:
Arrival: Summer Camp weeks begin on Sunday afternoons. Woodward shuttles will depart from DIA at 11am and 1:30pm on Sundays. Campers flying into DIA should arrive between 8am-1pm on Sunday to catch the 11am or 1:30pm shuttle. Both shuttles will stop at the Wooly Mammoth Lot on their way to Woodward Copper (note: Wooly Mammoth Lot pickup times are TBD, you will receive additional information at time of booking).

Departure: Summer Camp weeks end on Saturday mornings. Woodward shuttles will depart from Woodward Copper on Saturday morning heading for Wooly Mammoth Lot and DIA. On the way to DIA, the shuttle will stop to drop campers off at the Wooly Mammoth Lot (note: Wooly Mammoth Lot drop-off time is TBD, you will receive additional information at the time of booking). After stopping at the Wooly Mammoth Lot, the shuttle will continue to DIA. Campers should schedule their flights to depart from DIA between 11am-3pm.

*All schedules are tentative and may vary, however any changes to the transportation schedule will be communicated clearly and will not affect any pre-existing reservations you have made to use the Woodward Copper Shuttle.

What if I miss the shuttle or can't find a flight that fits the shuttle schedule? If your flight arrives or departs outside of the shuttle pick-up and drop-off windows specified above, you will be able to schedule transportation with an independent shuttle service*. There are several options including the Summit Express that will bring you directly to Woodward Copper from DIA. A Camp Counselor Supervisor will be stationed at DIA to greet any unaccompanied minors arriving late outside of the Woodward shuttle pick-up times, and will help ensure they can secure transportation with an independent shuttle service.
*Woodward Copper is not affiliated with any outside/independent shuttle company. While we are happy to provide recommendations, any arrangements made with another shuttle service are an exclusive agreement between you and the shuttle company and your reservation and payment for transportation should be handled directly with that company. Please read all details and cancellation policies carefully before making reservations with an independent shuttle service.

WANT TO MAKE A RESERVATION OR GET MORE INFO? Contact Woodward Copper at 888-350-1544 or request more information via email:

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