Project Pipeline Episode 3
Project Pipeline is back with Episode 3, the summer 2017 season finale! The final sessions were bittersweet as we wrapped up last week of summer camp and officially shut down Pipeline Park to start prepping for the gigantic Central Park winter season build. (Did you know: the summer Pipeline Park is built on the same part of the mountain as winter's Central Park?) Campers, coaches and visiting pros wrapped up the summer camp season strong, shredding until the very last minute and leaving it all out there. Want to relive the last weeks of camp? Throw on your sunblock, jump on the magic carpet get ready to shred with the Project Pipeline Season Finale:

Riders: Max Warbington, Gus Warbington, Mike Gray, Jake Schaible, Cam Fitzpatrick, Brett Esser, Robby Meehan, Phil Hansen
Video: Ian Macy

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