Jared McDaniel
686 team rider Jared McDaniel wall-riding his way through Week 9. Photo: Chip Proulx

Mike Gray, Jake Schlieble, Cam Fitzpatrick
Visiting pro Max Warbington kept it wild and wonderful all week long with the Gnu and Lib Tech crew. Photos: Chip Proulx

Week 9 at Woodward Copper was bittersweet: Bitter because it was the last week of Summer Camp 2017, but TOTALLY SWEET because campers spent the entire week riding and hanging out with an unforgettable cast of visiting pros and VIPs.

Mike Gray, Jake Schlieble, Cam Fitzpatrick
When there's a big job to do, you send a heavy crew. Brett Esser (Gnu), Phil Hansesn (Lib Tech), and Gus Warbington (Gnu) doing a little heavy lifting in Pipeline Park. Photos: Chip Proulx

Michelle Zeller
Gnu team rider Michelle Zeller was another standout during Week 9. Photo: Chip Proulx

Kim Lamarre
Visiting pro Benji Farrow hooks a camper up with some 686 gear during a mid-air handoff over the hip. Photo: Chip Proulx

Week 9 sponsors Lib-Tech, Gnu and 686 stacked the deck and sent a huge team of riders to camp including Max & Gus Warbington, Jared McDaniel, Lucas Wachs, Michelle Zeller, Benji Farrow, Phil Hansen, Brett Esser, Terri Mayrer and Cassidy “Queso” Dubois. The endlessly creative Lib-Tech/Gnu and 686 crews took over Pipeline Park and kept the fun-o-meter redlined all week long with cool activities and mini-contests where freeski and snowboard campers could compete for prizes.

Max & Gus Warbington, Gnu, Crab Grab @ Woodward Copper
Brothers Max & Gus Warbington sent a few lucky campers home with brand new Gnu snowboards and Crab Grab gear. Photo: Chip Proulx

Terri Mayrer, David Faircloth, Benji Farrow
Visiting pros Terri Mayrer (Gnu), David Faircloth and Benji Farrow (686) enjoying the summer shred at Woodward Copper. Photos: Chip Proulx

Lucas Wachs
Lucas Wachs is one of those weird Lib Tech team riders who wears a snowboard on each foot. He makes it look pretty good though... Photo: Chip Proulx

Lucas Wachs, Queso, Brooke Potter
Lib Tech team riders Lucas Wachs and Cassidy "Queso" Dubois dropping hammers in freeski camp. Coach Brooke Potter with a rare "park shark" sighting on the final day of Pipeline Park sessions. Photo: Chip Proulx

Skateboard campers got an extra special treat with pro skater Dave Bachinsky signing on as a late-addition VIP for Week 9. Campers and staff watched wide-eyed all week as Dave stomped big tricks and crushed everything in his path including street and transition setups throughout Woodward Copper and beyond. The hallways of The EDGE camp lodging building were abuzz after Bachinsky took a fieldtrip with skate campers to Vail Skatepark and laid down one of the most technical lines we’d seen all year. In addition to being a super-talented skater, Dave also has a super-friendly personality and spent tons of time hanging out with campers. One lucky camper even went home with an autographed deck courtesy of Dave & Darkstar Skateboards.

Dave Bachinsky Darkstar Skateboards
Camper Jacob Kurry attended three weeks of skateboard camp and was a huge positive influence on fellow campers and a great help to camp staff. He was rewarded for his efforts with a signed Darkstar skate deck from visiting pro Dave Bachinsky.

Of all the VIPs and professional athletes that have visited Woodward Copper over the years, few could match the excitement and enthusiasm pro scooter Cody Flom generated at scooter camp. It was easy to spot Cody throughout the week because there was a constant crowd of scooter campers surrounding him, trading trick tips and jokes while hanging out in the EDGE or taking turns dropping into the park. It was awesome to watch Cody interacting with campers, forming real friendships and elevating the scooter experience for everyone at camp. Cody’s prowess on a scooter is undeniable and campers were inspired to try new moves and push their riding further after watching Cody flipping and flying through every feature in The Barn.

Cody Flom
Visiting pro scooter Cody Flom flare and one-footed boost in the Barn Bowl, tailwhipping the Powerade mural on the pump track. Photos: Chip Proulx

Campers and Cody Flom
Scooter campers air the Barn Bowl hip and briflip on the pump track. Cody Flom brings old school style to a new scooter world with a skate-inspired handplant. Photos: Land LeCoq, Chip Proulx

Despite an endless parade of the world’s best visiting pro athletes and VIPs coming through Woodward, we all know that our campers are the real stars of the show. Staffers often look on in awe (and maybe with a little envy) as campers learn tricks and build skills at a ridiculously fast rate. “This is not the same kid we dropped off a week ago” is a phrase we hear from parents time and time again. Not only are parents talking about the independence, maturity, and strong interpersonal skills campers build at Woodward, they’re also talking about their camper’s new bag of tricks and new found confidence in their sport. Week 9 campers were no exception and put on incredible performances all across camp, all week long.

Woodward Copper Snowboard Camp
A camper styles out a huge method over the hip in Pipeline Park. Photo: Chip Proulx

Woodward Copper Barn
High-flying moves like this are best practiced into foam before taking it to the street or snow. A camper works his way through this trick's first progression... Photo: Chip Proulx

Woodward Copper BMX Camp
BMX Coach Garret Tyrell mid-session with BMX campers at the Woodward Copper Bike Park. Photo: Chip Proulx

Woodward Copper Skateboard and Cheer Camps
Woodward is where campers from every sport come together to build skills and forge friendships with their peers. Photos: Chip Proulx

Woodward Copper Freeski Camp
You've heard of "frist tracks"? Freeski and snowboard campers were chasing "last tracks" during Week 9, squeezing in every last run before Pipeline Park shuts down for the season. (Not to worry, the winter Central Park build will be here soon!) Photo: Chip Proulx

As the final week of 2017 Summer Camp drew to a close, it was time for the Friday night Awards Ceremony where we recognize campers for stellar feats of athleticism, creativity, teamwork and positivity throughout the week. The walls of the Sky Chutes Theater were shaking from the sounds of cheering and applause as winners stepped up to accept the Powerade Power Through Award, the YUP! Camper of the Week Award, the GoPro Best Session Award, the Dickies Skate Olympics and Dickies Hard Work Awards:

Powerade Power Through Awards
Powerade Power Through Award winners Keelan Frees, Jack Wachtel, Patrick Dixon, Zeki Wacker, Nell Queenan, Silas Leeson and Annie Gabriel. The Power Through Award is given to campers who persevered in the face of challenges, overcame setbacks and Powered Through obstacles to have an awesome week at camp.

YUP! Camper of the Week
YUP! Camper of the Week Alex Meiselman. The YUP! Campers of the Week are chosen because of their positive attitude and commitment to improving the camp experience for everyone around them.

GoPro Best Session Award
GoPro Best Session Award winners Malie Clark and Blake Young. The GoPro Best Session Award is given to campers who put on amazing performances, either in one "session" during a given day, or through the entire camp session. Malie and Blake opted for both with amazing sessions every day!

Dickies Skate Olympics
Dickies Skate Olympics special award winners Brody Gilburn (Champion of Stoke), Carson Drummond (Best Trick) and Elevyn Taylor (Gold Medal Winner). Skate campers competed in the weekly Dickies Skate Olympics, completing challenges and stomping tricks to earn individual points and overall team scores.

Dickies Hard Work Award
Dickies Hard Work Award winner Owen Dahlberg hoisted the coveted rubber mallet for his amazing work creating video edits for campers to take home and relive their experience. Matt Wooldridge took home an official Certificate of Awesomeness and was named Counselor of the Week for week 9.

While this may be the end of Summer Camp 2017, the summer season at Woodward Copper is far from over. The Barn is open for public sessions on Saturdays and Sundays, and beginning August 26th we will add another day for public sessions on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. (View full schedule and info for The Barn)

The Big Island Park summer snow park is also open every Friday, Saturday and Sunday through October 1st (conditions permitting). Come join us in Copper Mountain’s Center Village and get your summer shred on in the Big Island Park. (view full Big Island Park schedule and info)

Big Island Park
Get your summer shred on with skiing and snowboarding in the Big Island Park! Photo: Austin Nettleton

We’d like to close this final 2017 Weekly Recap with a special thank you to all the Woodward and Copper Mountain staff who helped make Summer Camp 2017 the best year yet. We’d also like to thank our incredible camp partners Red Bull, GoPro, Dickies, Powerade, YUP!, Subaru, Pisten Bully and Burton, who support and enable the Woodward team in providing unforgettable experiences for each and every camper.

Ronnie Barr
Woodward Copper On-Snow Supervisor Ronnie Barr made it his responsibility to give freeski and snowboard campers an awesome summer camp experience week after week. Thanks to Ronnie and the entire Woodward staff for another amazing summer at camp. Photo: Chip Proulx

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