Kim Lamarre
Visiting freeski pro Kim Lamarre sessions the down-flat-down rail with a little help from Week 8 campers. Photo: Chip Proulx

Week 8 at Woodward Copper Summer Camp was stacked with talent as visiting snowboard pro Scotty Lago and Olympic Bronze Medalist freeskier Kim Lamarre lead the charge in Pipeline Park. Scotty and Kim were joined by visiting pro snowboarders Cam Fitzpatrick, Jake Schaible and Mike Gray, as well as visiting pro freeskier Nadia Gonzales. This impressive crew was up early every morning to ride the bus up to the terrain park to spend the day shredding with campers.

Scotty Vine
Scotty Vine taking full advantage of the summer shred in Pipeline Park. Photo: Chip Proulx

Mike Gray, Jake Schlieble, Cam Fitzpatrick
Mikey Gray styling his backflips, Jake Schlieble Miller flip, Cam Fitzpatrick grabs his Arbor stick and heads for the hills. Photos: Chip Proulx

Kim Lamarre
Kim Lamarre drops a 360 on the triple jump line. Photo: Chip Proulx

Scotty Vine
Scotty Vine getting creative with a 1-footed 360 in Pipeline Park. Photo: Chip Proulx

Campers were beyond happy that the stars aligned to bring Scotty, Cam and the Arbor Snowboards crew to summer camp. The Arbor team has been filming for their upcoming video release Cosa Nostra but took a break just to come have fun with campers at Woodward. (Cosa Nostra is scheduled for a premiere at Woodward Copper’s annual Barn Bash event in the fall—stay tuned!) Not only did Scotty bring tons of unique and creative tricks to Pipeline Park, he also brought tons of gear and helmets to give away thanks to Week 8 sponsors Flux Bindings and Sandbox Helmets. Scotty and the crew organized several games and mini-contests where campers could test their skills and compete for prizes.

Scotty Vine with Week 8 Campers
Scotty Vine and Cam Fitzpatrick crowning the victors after a game of SNOW. Photo: Chip Proulx

Sandbox Helmets
Freeski coaches Sarah and Max rewarding some very stoked campers with Sandbox goggles and helmets. Photos: Chip Proulx

Although helmets are required at all times for Woodward campers and staff, we were particularly pleased to see Scotty, Cam, Kim and Nadia wearing a helmet all week while sessioning Pipeline Park. At Woodward Copper, we think #HelmetsAreCool and we love when professional riders set a great example by wearing some headgear.

Nadia Gonzales & Kim Lamarre
Nadia Gonzales and Kim Lamarre sporting proper headgear and some stylish doubles rail work. Photo: Chip Proulx

Cam Fitzpatrick
Cam Fitzpatrick, Johnny Cash style BS360 nose grab with black board, black clothes and black helmet. Photo: Chip Proulx

Week 8 Campers
Whether sending the hip or bellysliding the box, Woodward campers wear helmets so they can charge hard every day! Photos: Chip Proulx

After another week full of snowboarding, skiing, skateboarding, BMX/MTB/scooter riding and cheering, everyone at camp gathered in the Sky Chutes Theater for the Friday night awards ceremony. Determined to use every last moment at camp having fun and practicing their sport, campers were covered in varying amounts of dirt, snow, road rash and glitter as they walked into the ceremony. Despite the long week, campers had no shortage of energy to cheer for the winners of the Powerade Power Through Award, YUP! Camper of the Week, the GoPro Hero Award, the Dickies Skate Olympics and the Dickies Hard Work Award:

Powerade Power Through Awards
Powerade Power Through Award winners Banyan Fruge, Jack Karsian, Lazlo Torok, Phoebe Smith, Cat Mirenda, Enzo Pelligrini and Raymond Toole.

YUP! Campers of the Week
YUP! Camper of the Week Annalise Koehmstedt.

GoPro Camp Hero Award
GoPro Best Session Award winners Wyatt Holtzinger and Finn Fox.

Dickies Skate Olympics
Dickies Skate Olympics special award winners Mac Richardson (Champion of Stoke), Layla Cintron (Best Trick) and Tyler Kirtland (Gold Medal Winner) with Skate Olympics Week 8 winners Team Coach Carnell.

Dickies Hard Work Award
Ben Gebhradt won the Dickies Hard Work Award for Week 8; coach Noah stepped in to accept the award on Ben's behalf and hoist the coveted rubber mallet.

Time flies when you’re having fun, and that must be why Week 8 of camp flew by so quickly. Several motivated campers chose to stay at camp to be part of Week 9, the final week of Woodward Copper’s 2017 Summer Camp. These lucky campers are spending the week hanging out with visiting pros Max & Gus Warbington, Grant Giller, Cody Flom, Phil Hansen, Dave Bachinsky and more, with support from Week 9 sponsors Lib Tech, Gnu and 686. If you missed your chance to attend the final week of summer camp this year, don’t worry! You can make your deposit and secure your spot now for summer 2018.

Camper Rail Doubles
Week 8 campers pushing eachother's progression in Pipeline Park. Photo: Chip Proulx

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