Joe Sexton
Visiting snowboard pro Joe Sexton boosts the quarterpipe with a little help from Week 6 campers. Photo: Chad Otterstrom

Question: What do you call a crew of legendary snowboarders who come to Woodward each year to hang with the campers, shred the park and make super fun videos to share with the world?
Answer: The Videograss Crew!

Videograss Crew
Scott Stevens, JP Walker and Johnny O'Connor holding down Pipeline Park for the VG crew. Photos: Chad Otterstrom

Woodward staff and campers look forward to “Videograss Week” each year because of how much fun it is to hang out with this superstar crew. JP Walker, Scott Stevens, Joe Sexton and Johnny O’Connor flew the VG flag all week long with cool activities and awards for campers. Thanks to support from Week 6 sponsors Capita, Union and COAL, the VG crew was fully stocked with tons of prizes to give away throughout the week. Not only did the VG crew spend time with snowboard campers, but they also got to connect with campers from all sports during “all-camp” activities, theme parties and autograph sessions. They even organized impromptu contests in Pipeline Park where snowboard campers could win some fresh gear!

Capita Givewaway
Capita team rider Scott Stevens looks on as Videograss's Justin Meyer awards a camper with a new Capita snowboard. Photo: Chad Otterstrom.

Capita Tent
Wanna try a new board? The Capita crew turning screws in the Pipeline Park demo tent. Photo: Chad Otterstrom

Joe Sexton
Joe Sexton was on fire all week long. Backlip with double-angle coverage. Photo: Chad Otterstrom

Despite a few hours of scattered rain during the week, energy in Pipeline Park was high and everyone was throwing down their best tricks all week long. Every camper from every sport got the chance to experience the on-snow barbecue with classic cheeseburgers and veggie burgers served up by the Woodward cafe staff. Once properly refueled from an awesome lunch, skiers and snowboarders wasted no time lapping the park and throwing down some jaw-dropping moves. Holding down the two-planked side of camp were visiting freeski pros Keegan Killbride, Lupe Hagearty and Chuck Babcock, who spent the week trading stunts with their sideways-standing counter parts.

On-snow barbeque
The Woodward Cafe staff are masters of high-altitude cooking. What tastes better than a burger at 10,000 feet? Photos: Chad Otterstrom

Lupe Hagearty, Keegan Killbride, Zack Stetson
Visiting freeski pros Lupe Hagearty and Keegan Killbride setting a good example for the campers. Freeski Coach Zack Stetson finds a new line over the Woodward Beachball. Photos: Chip Proulx

Chuck Babcock
Visiting freeski pro Chuck Babcock takes flight under the summer sun. Photo: Chip Proulx

Down off the mountain, action sports campers were ripping it up on skateboards, scooters, BMX and mountain bikes, while cheer campers took over The Barn spring floor and the Union Creek cheer facility. Visiting pro skateboarder Kevin Romar was a rockstar with the kids and could be seen all week hanging and skating with campers, including hooking several campers up with his pro-model skate decks during the Friday awards ceremony. While Scooter and BMX campers tried to jump and whip everything in sight, MTB campers were riding the lift up Copper Mountain and shredding miles of singletrack on their way down!

Kevin Romar
Kevin Romar sessioning the Barnyard skatepark. Photo: Chip Proulx

Kevin Romar
Kevin Romar hands out prizes to the Woodward Obstacle Course Challenge winners. Photo: Chip Proulx

Cheer Camp
Cheer camp always wins the award for most spirited sport at Woodward. Photo: Chip Proulx

Scooter, Skate and MTB camp
Scooter coach Zack whipping into week 6, a skateboard camper feeble-stalls on the mini-mini, MTB camper airs through the corner at Frisco Bike Park. Photos: Chip Proulx

MTB Trails at Copper Mountain
A mountain bike camper demonstrating the finer points of trail riding at Copper Mountain. Photo: Chip Proulx

As Week 6 wound down, the stoke ramped up for the Friday night awards ceremony! The weekly awards ceremony is where we name our winners for the Powerade Power Through Award, YUP! Campers of the Week, GoPro Special Awards, Dickies Skate Olympics and Dickies Hard Work Awards. This was a very special awards ceremony indeed, with the entire cast of visiting pros bringing boxes and boxes of product from COAL, Union, Capita, Blind, Shake Junt and Wend to hand out to the campers. Winners were beyond pumped to get a high-five and congratulations from their favorite pros!

Powerade Power Through
Powerade Power Through Award Winners Roman Santiago, Russel Ward, Lukas Martinez, Lars Kain, Emily Knight, Matty Donahoe and Maya Rutledge. Photo: Chad Otterstrom

YUP! Campers of the Week
YUP! Campers of the Week Cole House and Dylan Mitic. Dylan received an extra-special Camper of the Week award with a brand new Capita snowboard from none other than Scott Stevens! Photos: Chad Otterstrom

Dickies Skate Olympics
Dickies Skate Olympics special award winners Dorian MacMillan (Champion of Stoke), Sean Franklin (Best Trick), and Ben Longley (Gold Medalist). Photo: Chad Otterstrom

That’s a wrap for Week 6! We’re already off to the races for Week 7 with visiting freeski pros Maude Raymond and Nadia Gonzales, and visiting skateboard pro Taylor McClung. K2 skis and Ride snowboards will also be in the house for Week 7, it’s going to be another awesome week! There’s still time to catch the last 2 weeks of summer camp if you register today, sign up online and secure your spot now!.

Legends: they're all around us.
How many legends can you name in this photo? Check out our full schedule of visiting pros to see who's hanging at Woodward Copper this summer. Photo: Chad Otterstrom

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