Ronnie Barr Cheer Flip
Woodward Copper's Ronnie Barr teams up with coach Emily Terrel and the week 4 cheer campers for some very special "stunting" in Pipeline Park. Photo: Chip Proulx

Week 4 cheer camp
Cheer special guests Gabi Butler and Kiara Nowlin practicing with campers at the Union Creek spring floor. Photo: Chip Proulx

Week 4 at Woodward Copper was affectionately dubbed “the week of glitter and griptape”! Multiple teams and dedicated individuals attended cheer camp this week, totaling 40 cheer campers plus multiple visiting coaches and VIPs including special guests Gabi Butler and Kiara Nowlin. With so many awesome cheer campers attending on the same week, the positive vibes across camp were at an all time high! The cross-sport collaboration hit a creative peak when cheer campers teamed up with on-snow coaches to stage a photo shoot, with expert skiers and snowboarders hucking massive jumps over towering cheer formations.

cheer camp toe touch
Cheer campers practicing their toe-touch on The Barn's springfloor. Photo: Chip Proulx

Gui, Queso, Cheer Camp
Freeski Coaches Cassidy "Queso" DuBois and Gui Mattheis-Brown try their best toe-touch with cheer camp. Photo: Chip Proulx

Icelantic team week 4
Icelantic team riders Matti Ortisi, Jaron Stadler and Calvin Barrett at Woodward Copper week 4. Photos: Chip Proulx

In freeski camp, Icelantic Skis team riders Parker Norvell, Jaron Stadler, Matti Ortisi and Calvin Barrett blew minds in the terrain park all week long. Adding to the stacked roster of visiting pros for week 4, the Celtek and Dang Shades crew brought some serious heavy hitters to snowboard camp including Bjorn Leines, Ted Borland, Chris Beresford and Allan Gerlach. These riders kept the positive vibes flowing all week long, sharing tips on how to nail new tricks and stomping more than a few of their own. Not to be outdone by his legendary father, Bjorn’s son Bear Lienes was destroying the park all week long, including a jaw-dropping backflip over the hip in Pipeline Park.

Ted Borland, Chris Beresford, Allan Gerlach
Ted Borland, Chris Beresford and Allan Gerlach manned the shred ship representing Dang Shades. Photos: Chip Proulx

Bjorn Leines
Bjorn Leines sends one off the hip in Pipeline Park. Photo: Chip Proulx

Bear Leines
The entire Leines family was having a blast a camp- Bear Leines is nipping at his dads heels with hammers like this! Photo: Chip Proulx

Another highlight of the week was watching professional snow-skater Allan Gerlach absolutely destroying the technical rails in the terrain park, sans-straps! After working his way through every feature, including a few nice strapless airs on the hip and triple jump line, Allan started greasing the Down-Flat-Down-Flat-Down rail with ease. It was beyond impressive to see Gerlach’s rail skills and board control despite having no bindings, we can’t wait to see where he takes his snow-skate next.

Allan Gerlach
Allan Gerlach, strapless down-flat-down-flat-down boardslide in Pipeline Park. Photo: Chip Proulx

Back on flat ground, Visiting pro David Reyes spent the week grinding with skateboard campers, keeping the stoke high with support from week 4 sponsors Etnies, Thunder Trucks and Spitfire wheels. Standout skate camper Keenan Hinton traded tricks with David all week long and was rewarded for his efforts with an autographed skate deck from Reyes at the end of the week. Every skateboard camper completed challenges and competed for points in the Dickies Skate Olympics throughout the week, while BMX, MTB and scooter campers rolled their way into two-wheeled glory at various skateparks and bikeparks around Colorado.

David Reyes
David Reyes brings the heat to campfire s'mores. Photos: Chip Proulx

David Reyes & Keenan Hinton
Woodward Copper Photo Specialist Chip Proulx found a unique feature at Vail skatepark, and the perfect subjects in David Reyes and skate camper Keenan Hinton.

Woodward Copper
David Reyes k-grind, skate coach Ryan Carnell in the Dickies Skate Olympics, and a bmx camper airs the hip in the Barn Bowl. Photos: Chip Proulx, Land LeCoq

At the end of every week, campers gather in the EDGE backyard for the weekly camp awards ceremony. Coaching staff took their turns passing the mic around, dishing out words of praise and appreciation for their awesome camper groups. Campers cheered each other on as the winners were announced for the Dickies Skate Olympics, the Dickies Hard Work Award, the YUP! Campers of the Week, and the Powerade Power Through Award:

Dickies Skate Olympics
Dickies Skate Olympics special award winners Evan Walsh (Champion of Stoke), Milo Stemple (Best Overall Trick) and Zach Isom (Gold Medal winner).

Dickies Hard Work Award
Dickies Hard Work Award winner, counselor Zach Taylor.

YUP! Campers of the Week
YUP! Campers of the Week Henry Laycock and Charlie Vandermark.

Powerade Power Through
Powerade Power Through Award Winners, recognized for their passion, drive, and commitment to making everyone's week awesome: Charlier Carver, Greyson Braun, Mitchell Theibout, Luc Meyer, Miakiah Walsk, Aiden Simpson and Drew Sloss.

With Week 4 in the books and Week 5 already rolling, we’re officially past the halfway point for Woodward Copper Summer Camp 2017, but there’s still plenty of chances for you to join the fun during weeks 6-9! Check out our schedule of visiting pros to choose your week or or secure your camp spot now.

The most fun you can have in one week: Freeski coaches Nate Dye and Gui Mattheis-Brown making friends at camp. Photo: Chip Proulx

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