Banks Gilberti challenges Cody Cirillo with the infamous summer camp "Ten in Two" challenge in Pipeline Park.

Campers at The Barn celebrate International Go Skateboarding Day. Photo: Chip Proulx

Summer Camp Week 3 at Woodward Copper was off the charts! It was an extra special week at Woodward celebrating International Go Skateboarding Day on June 21st. Campers were getting their skate on at The Barn and various parks around Colorado, while up on snow at Copper Mountain ski and snowboard campers were taking laps with their heros. Red Gerard, Sy Moran, Greg Kennagh, Luke Winkleman and the Burton Snowboards crew kept the stoke level high by hucking huge tricks and chucking out prizes.

Burton Crew
Greg Kennagh, Red Gerard, and Sy Moran representing in Pipeline Park. Photos: Chip Proulx

Burton Product Toss
Burton team riders Luke Winkleman and Red Gerard know how to incentivize campers to go bigger. Photo: Chip Proulx

On the Freeski side, visiting pro Keegan Kilbride landed on the injured list just prior to camp start and was forced to spend the week spreading good vibes rather than skiing. Luckily Keegan called in some backup from freeski pros Jaron Stadler, Pat Goodnough, Taylor Seaton and Keri Herman to keep the campers pumped for every session. Lupe Hagearty was also on location to connect with campers while throwing down in Pipeline Park.

Pat, Taylor, Keri, Jaron
Pat Goodnough, Taylor Seaton, Keri Herman and Jaron Stadler: the crew that slides together thrives together. Photo: Chip Proulx

Jaron Stadler
Jaron Stadler is regular at Woodward Copper. Beachball Bonk in Pipeline Park. Photos: Chip Proulx

Lupe Hagearty
Lupe Hagearty, switch 540. Photo: Chip Proulx

Skate campers were whipped into a full froth on Wednesday, June 21st during International Go Skateboarding Day. This day was all about our 4-wheeled friends and campers could be found sliding and grinding everything in sight. Skate groups took sessions in the Woodward Copper Barn, outside at Woodward Copper’s new “Barnyard” skatepark, and at several concrete parks within striking distance of camp. The Dickies Skate Olympics gave campers the chance to have a friendly competition throughout the week, with teams and individuals completing challenges and collecting points to win prizes and the honor of holding the Dickies Skate Olympics title.

IGSD Woodward Copper
Skate coach Adam Maxwell demonstrating proper pop, the crew gathers for Intl. Go Skateboarding Day, a skate camper boardslides in the Barnyard skatepark. Photos: Chip Proulx

Just before the Friday night talent show, Campers gathered in the EDGE backyard for the weekly awards ceremony. Coaches from every discipline stepped up to the mic to recognize campers for their amazing week, announcing the Powerade Power Through Award, YUP! Campers of the Week, Dickies Skate Olympics and Dickies Hard Work Award winners:

Powerade Power Through Award

Powerade Power Through Award
Powerade Power Through Award Winners Cole Ketchem, Dustin Parrish, Lauren Widing, Avrill Gratton, Elijah Topper, Cole Unicome and Dean Jones. Photos: Chip Proulx

Yup Campers of the Week & Dickies Hard Work Award
YUP! Campers of the Week Gabe Murray and Theo Taylor. Dickies Hard Work Award Winner Jeff Schindler. Photos: Chip Proulx

Dickies Skate Olympics
Dickies Skate Olympics winners Travis Murphy (Champion of Stoke), Patrick Duffy (Best Overall Trick) and Darren Gillis (Gold Medal winner). Photo: Chip Proulx

And we’re already off to the races on Week 4! There’s still time to make a reservation and come to Woodward Copper for July camp weeks, check out our schedule of visiting pros or Register for camp now.

Zack Stetson
Freeski Coach Zack Stetson setting the bar high for his campers. Photo: Land LeCoq

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