Red Bull SlopeSoakers 2017
The end of Copper Mountain's winter season is always marked by the biggest party of the year: Red Bull SlopeSoakers. One part pond skim contest, one part barn-burner party, Red Bull SlopeSoakers always sees some of the most daring stunts and wildest outfits you'll find on the slopes all year long. The Woodward Copper Parks Crew outdid themselves this year, constructing a course that looked more like something out of a mad scientist's sketchbook than a humble rail jam setup. Skiers and snowboarders put it all on the line, collecting their fair share of slams and soaks, on the way to the podium. So grab your banana costume, strap on your life jacket and enjoy the madness that was Red Bull SlopeSoakers 2017 at Copper Mountain!

Film and edit by Greg Bejian & Zach Griffin


Men's Snowboard
1. Seth Karlsrud
2. Ian Smith
3. Grant Giller

Women's Snowboard
1. Ashley Wendorf
2. Michelle Zeller
3. Terri Hunter


Men's Ski
1. Ben Smith
2. Josh Wong
3. Haydo Wright

Women's Ski
1. Nadia Gonzales
2. Shannon VanDerwerken
3. Cassy Gates

Best Trick
Cassidy "Queso" DuBois

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