Woodward Copper Scholarship Fund
The Woodward Copper Scholarship fund has been created to help individuals who otherwise would not have the opportunity to attend Woodward Camp.  The Woodward Copper Scholarship fund is made possible by contributions from individuals, alumni, sponsors, pro riders, and others who want to give something back to their sports.


• Download the 2017 Summer Camp Scholarship Application HERE

Make Your Scholarship Application Count!

·     Each Woodward location has their own scholarship application, be sure you are filling out the application appropriate to the specific camp you plan on attending

·     Scholarships are only available toward camps with lodging.

·     Fill out the application in its entirety. Applications missing information, including requested letters, may not be considered.

·     Scholarships are primarily need-based; decisions are not solely based on talent or achievement of the camper.  The more specific you can be about your financial situation and/or need for financial aid, the quicker the scholarship committee will be able to evaluate your application.  If you or your child has made an effort to save or earn money for camp, mention it in your letters.  Your child's letter or parent letter should discuss his or her love of the sport and how the applicant believes camp attendance will help him/her achieve their goals.

·     This application is for scholarship purposes only.  Camp registration must be completed online to be fully enrolled for camp.

·     If you are 100% sure that you will register your child for camp regardless of scholarship funding, book early to get the best pre-book discount possible. NOTE: Scholarships may not be available for every week of camp. Registering your child for a specific week of camp before scholarships are awarded will not guarantee funding assistance for that specific week.

·     We do not consider aid for multi-week stays. The Scholarship funds mission is to assist in getting as many children to camp as possible.

·     If you have multiple children applying for scholarships, apply for each independently and be sure to include all required materials for EACH child.

·     Scholarships cannot be combined with any other offer or discount.

·     Limited funds are available. Scholarships are awarded in various amounts; not all aid is equivalent to full tuition. Travel expenses to and from camp are not included in awards.

·     You will be notified via e-mail if an award is made in your child’s name. Application review begins mid-February. We will continue reviewing applications until all award funding has been distributed. The earlier you can apply, the better your chances of receiving aid.  Unfortunately, we will receive more applications than we will be able to award. You will be given a deadline to accept your award; if you do not register for summer camp & use your scholarship by that deadline, we will assume the award has been rejected.

·     Scholarships will be applied when you register for camp. The complete balance will be due at this time.

·     In order for your application to be reviewed prior to Summer Camp, all applications must be received no later than the end of business day on May 1, 2017.

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