The Club Travel Plan covers the cost of your camp if you are no longer able to attend or need to leave early for reasons such as sickness or injury to you, a family member, or traveling companion; primary residence or destination being made uninhabitable, being subpoenaed, required to serve on jury duty, or quarantined; job transfer; pregnancy or childbirth; employer termination or layoff. If you have any coverage questions and cannot find them on this page, please call our 24-hour customer service line at 1.800.208.6173.

  • Pre-Existing Medical Condition Coverage: If insurance is purchased within 21 days of purchase of the ski pass, the Pre-Existing Medical Condition Exclusion will be waived. You must be medically able to travel when you buy the insurance.
  • Pre-Camp Cancellations: Travel Guard will reimburse the full cost of your reservation if you’re unable to attend due to a covered reason.
  • Mid-Camp Reimbursements (pro-rated): Travel Guard will pro-rate your reimbursement based on the number of days attended prior to the incident. For example, if you are injured during the camp, the reimbursement will be minus the dates you were able to participate.

The Club Travel Plan is offered until your final payment or 30-days prior to the start of your camp (whichever comes sooner). If you wish to decline the coverage, you are ineligible for a refund. Copper Mountain will not refund your reservation amount if you are unable to attend.

Making a Claim

  • Travel Guard’s claims filing process is very simple. Please call our dedicated phone number, 1.800.208.6173, and provide your product code 008573 P2 to get your claim started right away. 98% of claims are filed with a single phone call. Travel Guard provides a quality claims experience for all our insured campers.
  • Please remember that mid-camp reimbursement is based on the days attended at the camp, so an exact amount for your claim will not be determined until the documentation has been received and reviewed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Many of the common questions you may have about the Ski Pass Insurance are listed below, so please read our FAQ section. If you cannot find the answer you are looking for, you can call the 24-hour phone number at Travel Guard, 1.800.208.6173.

Why should I purchase travel insurance for my vacation?

You've saved, you've waited, and now you're all set to travel. Preparing for your trip includes covering yourself for unfortunate occurrences that can interfere with even your best-laid plans. By purchasing a travel insurance plan, you can insure yourself for covered cancellation penalties, medical costs, as well as gain access to a wide range of traveler's assistance services.

Did you know that an insurance plan could cover you if:

  • Someone in your family suffers an illness or injury, even if they aren't scheduled to travel with you
  • You become ill and can't travel or your child comes down with the chicken pox and you are quarantined
  • You or a traveling companion loses a job you or they have been with their employer for at least one year
  • Weather prevents you from leaving home and reaching your destination
  • A family member passes away and you must return from your vacation early
  • Your luggage or sports equipment is lost by the airline
  • You twist your ankle and must visit a physician while traveling
  • Other unforeseeable events as listed in the Description of Coverage

What are the coverage’s?

Trip Cost - Trip Cancellation & Interruption (covers trip costs up to $100,000)

Per Booking Coverage

Covers your trip investment if you must cancel or interrupt your trip due to covered reasons such as sickness, injury or death to you, traveling companion, family member, business partner or service animal; inclement weather; mechanical breakdown of a common carrier, being subpoenaed or required to serve on jury duty, being called into active military service or having leave revoked or being reassigned, involuntary termination of employment or layoff or if your principal residence or destination is made uninhabitable.

$300 - Trip Delay ($200 per day)

Per Person Coverage

Reimburses for the purchase of essential items (i.e. meals, hotels, etc.) if delayed for 12 or more hours because of a carrier caused delay, lost/stolen passport, travel documents or money, quarantine, natural disaster, injury or sickness of the insured or a traveling companion or the Insured being involved in or delayed due to a traffic accident while en route to a departure as substantiated by a police report.

$600 - Baggage Delay ($200 per day)

Per Person Coverage

If your baggage is delayed for more than 12 hours, you will be reimbursed for the purchase of essential items (i.e. clothing, toiletries, etc.)

$1,000 Baggage, Sportsman Equipment and Personal Effects

Per Person Coverage

Covers evacuation and transportation to the nearest adequate medical facility (or home in the event of death or if medically required) as well as a medical escort if deemed necessary.

$100,000 Accidental Death & Dismemberment

Covers for loss of life or limb within 180 days of an accident on your trip.

The following non-insurance services are included and provided by Travel Guard:

  • Travel Medical Assistance
  • Worldwide Travel Assistance
  • Concierge Services
  • Identity Theft (Not available to NY residents)
  • Pet Return Service
  • Vehicle Return Service
  • $100 Roadside Assistance (per car)*

Assistance includes: Towing, flat tire, lock-out and battery assistance as well as oil, fluid & water delivery service.

*Roadside Assistance service provided by Coach-net Services Inc.

Are the benefits listed per insured or per booking?

The benefits for Trip Cancellation and Trip Interruption are the total per booking. For example if the insured purchased travel insurance coverage for a trip costing a total of $2,000, this would be the maximum reimbursement allowable under trip cancellation or interruption for that booking. All other coverage’s are per person.

Will my current homeowners, renters, credit card, health or insurance policies cover me during my trip?

Other insurance may not provide coverage while you travel due to coverage provisions, limitations, exclusions and restrictions. Many people don't have any insurance coverage at all if they must cancel their trip. This insurance plan has a wide range of travel benefits; which credit card, homeowners, and renter’s insurance may not provide. The medical expense coverage included in this insurance plan is vital for people whose health insurance plans may not pay for medical expenses incurred outside of the United States (e.g., Medicare, certain HMO's, etc.) This coverage in this plan is primary.

I know that I have a pre-existing medical condition; will the plan cover me?

Even if you have a medical condition that has been unstable in the last 60 days, you should still consider purchasing this insurance plan because the Pre-Existing Condition exclusion will be waived if you purchase the plan within 21 days of your initial deposit. As long as you are medically able to travel at time of purchase, having the Pre-Existing Condition exclusion waiver is the easiest way to help alleviate doubt as to coverage due to chronic medical conditions. There are some conditions that are not included in the exclusion wiaver such as anxiety related mental or nervous disorders. Please see the Exclusions section of the Description of Coverage to view these conditions. One of the covered reasons listed under trip cancellation is “Sickness, Injury or death of an Insured, Family Member, Traveling Companion, Service Animal or Business Partner”.

What is the definition of a Family Member, Business Partner and Service?

The family member definition means the Insured’s or Traveling Companion’s spouse, Domestic Partner, Child, daughter-in-law, son-in-law, brother, sister, mother, father, grandparents, grandchild, step-child, stepbrother, step-sister, step-parents, parents-in-law, brother-in-law, sister-in-law, aunt, uncle, niece, nephew, legal guardian, Caregiver, foster child, ward, or legal ward. The Business Partner definition means a person who: (1) is involved with the Insured or the Insured’s Traveling Companion in a legal partnership; and (2) is actively involved in the daily management of the business. The Service Animal definition means any guide dog, signal dog, or other animal individually trained to work or perform tasks for the benefit of an individual with a disability, including, but not limited to, guiding persons with impaired vision, alerting persons with impaired hearing to intruders or sounds, providing animal protection or rescue work, pulling a wheelchair, or fetching dropped items.

Given the current economy, what if my spouse loses his/her job?

The Club Travel Plan includes coverage for trip cancellation/interruption due to involuntary termination or layoff which occurs more than 14 days after an Insured’s effective date of coverage. Only one year of employment with the same employer is required. If you or one of your traveling companions loses a job through no fault of your or their own and you need to cancel or interrupt your trip, this plan can provide reimbursement of non-refundable pre-paid travel expenses.

What if I need transportation due to medical reasons and I am unable to get prior authorization from Travel Guard?

We always instruct our customers to contact local medical services during an emergency for immediate medical attention, or evacuation if necessary, and then notify Travel Guard as soon as is reasonably possible. Payment arrangements for your evacuation will depend on the nature of your particular situation and should be discussed with Travel Guard.

Will my vacation be covered if I must cancel due to a hurricane?

You will have coverage if the property that you are scheduled to be staying at is inaccessible or uninhabitable within 30 days after the named hurricane causes the damage.

Is there help while I'm traveling?

One of the valued benefits offered in this insurance plan is the 24-Hour Emergency Assistance Service. Travel Guard is a leader in this field. With Travel Guard, you have access to the services of a highly trained, multi-lingual staff around the clock to assist you with such emergencies as cash transfers, lost documents, medical or legal monitoring, and referrals. They are also equipped to respond in many unexpected circumstances. If an emergency should arise during your trip, call Travel Guard immediately and give the details of your problem or medical emergency.

Where can I call for more information?

You may call Travel Guard at 1.800.208.6173, with any questions regarding the travel insurance. Their service representatives will be happy to assist you.

When is the latest the insurance plan can be purchased?

The plan can be purchased no later than final Trip payment and prior to departing on their trip.

How do I file a claim?

In the event of a claim, please notify your booking agent immediately. Then call Travel Guard at 1.800.208.6173 and refer to product #008058 P2 08/11 to start your claim.

*This is only a brief description of the coverage(s) available. The Policy will contain reductions, limitations, exclusions and termination provisions. Insurance is underwritten by National Union Fire Insurance Company of Pittsburgh, Pa., a Pennsylvania insurance company, with its principal place of business at 175 Water Street, New York, NY 10038 and currently authorized to transact business in all states and the District of Columbia. NAIC No. 19445. Coverage may not be available in all states.

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