Woodward FAQ's

Winter FAQ

What is the barn?

The Barn is a 19,000 sq foot indoor facility dedicated to your freestyle ski, snowboard, skateboard, bike, and cheer/tumble progression. Complete with Indoor jumps, foam pits, skate/ bike parks, flybed trampolines, and a 14’ x 14’ Supertramp, our facility can help anyone achieve their freestyle goals.

How can I jump on the tramps/ jump into foam?

First time participants are required to sign up for a Ride with Woodward or Start with Woodward Lesson, Intro Session, Park Rats program or Woodward Copper Private Lesson. During these programs participants will get time to try out our trampolines and foam pits under the guidance of our experienced coaches.

If I have been to another Woodward, do I have to do the Intro?

Yes and No. If you have been through Woodward Tahoe’s Basic Training, you do not have to participate in Woodward Copper’s Intro. Unfortunately Camp Woodward PA and Woodward West do not have similar Intro sessions and an Intro session at Copper will be required.

When is The Barn open?

The Barn is open from 2:00pm to 8:00pm every day during the winter season (November 11, 2016 - April 16, 2017). For a more detailed listing of our specific program times, please click here

How old do you have to be?

Woodward at Copper has multiple programs for any age.

  • Start with Woodward: Ages 6-17
  • Ride with Woodward: Ages 6+
  • Intro/ Drop In Sessions: Ages 5+*.
  • *Intro and Drop-In Session Participants age 5-6 must have a paying adult with them in their session and must visit The Barn during the first 4 hours of operation that day.
  • Private Lessons: Ages 2+
  • Skate/ Bike Sessions: Ages 1+
  • Summer Camp: Ages 7+
  • Seasonal Weekly Classes: Ages 1-10

Is there a discount for Copper Mountain passholders?

We offer a 20% discount for Ride with Woodward and Start with Woodward Lessons, Intro Sessions, Drop-In Sessions, & Skate/Bike Sessions for holders of a Copper Season Pass, Copper 4 Pack, Rocky Mountain Super Pass & Rocky Mountain Super Pass+PLUS.

Can I take my skateboard/ bike/ scooter into the foam pit?

Yes! First time guests are simply required to fill out a mandatory waiver and view a 45 second safety video (no class required!)

What should I wear? Can I wear my snow pants?

Comfortable gym clothes are recommended (sweatpants, shorts, baselayers, etc). To help keep our trampolines safely maintained, snow pants are not permitted.

Where do I park?

Parking for The Barn is located just north of the Copper Mountain Athletic Club (adjacent to the Barn). Follow the signs to the Woodward Parking. Parking in front of the Barn is for DROP OFF ONLY- all other vehicles will be towed.

What are park-boards/ park-skis?

The Burton ParkBoard™ indoor snowboards and  ParkSki™ training skis are made exclusively for Woodward facilities. Participants may use these wheeled boards and skis during the Freestyle Lessons, Intro Sessions, Drop In Sessions, and Private Lessons. For more information click here.


Summer FAQ

What happens after Summer Camp is booked?

A confirmation letter will be emailed to you. You will need to fill out the Summer Camp Registration Packet with all the required waivers and information about what your child will need. Rules and regulations will be included in this packet. You will need to fill out all the appropriate information and send it back by June 1, 2015.

It can be emailed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Mailed via US Postal Service to:

Logistics Specialist
Woodward at Copper
PO Box 3001
Copper Mountain, CO 80443-3001

Sent via FedEx or UPS to.

Logistics Specialist
Edge - Woodward at Copper
50 Beeler Place POB 3001
Copper Mountain CO, 80443-3001

Note: This is the same address if campers need to physically ship packages.

What is included in the price of Summer Camp?

Full Week Overnight Camps – arrival on Sunday afternoon, full day programming Monday-Friday, and departure early Saturday, counselors overnight, coaching groups during the day, 3 meals a day, accommodation in the EDGE, numerous activities at Copper during camp
Full Week Day Camps – arrival on Sunday afternoon, full day programming Monday-Friday, and departure early Saturday, counselors in the evening, coaching groups during the day, 3 meals a day, numerous activities at Copper during camp.

* Transportation to the Camp and from Denver is not included
** The Camper will also receive a Copper Summer Activities Season Pass (Go Kart rides are limited to 5); Woodward at Copper Logo merchandise is not included in the price but can be purchased through a camp store.

Flex Pay Plan

Flex Pay is a simple new approach to paying for camp, allowing you to customize your payment schedule. With Flex Pay payment plans you can break up the cost of camp into three separate payments throughout the year. Just put $409 down and this holds your spot for Summer Camp 2015! Then, you will pay the remaining balance in two equal payments on May 4, 2015 and June 1, 2015. Call 888.350.1544 to set-up a payment plan program. Payment plan is not applicable with discounts

Where do campers lodge during the Overnight stay?

Lodging is provided at the EDGE building. Rooms will be in dormitory style rooms with 2 campers per room and 1 bathroom to every 2 campers. The room will have 2 single beds or bunk beds, a small desk, cubbies and hangers for their clothing, as well as a bathroom. The room will not have a fridge or microwave in it. Girls and boys will be split on different floors. Roommates will be determined by age level, we do our best to only have age differences of 1 year max. Requests may be made if 2 friends want to room together (as long as they are the same gender). There is a Camper Form in the Pre-Arrival packet to indicate roommate preferences. Pets are not allowed to accompany the camper.

If you are interested in other lodging options besides the EDGE you can book the day camp rate, and book lodging separately. We do offer Copper Lodging discounts check with the Reservations Center on current specials.

Where do campers park?

There will be free parking at the Beeler Parking Lot. However there is not much use for a car while campers are onsite. 
For campers under the age of 18 they will not be able to drive off campus without camp staff, and everything at Copper is within walking distance.

Can I cancel once I book?

Please note that your Summer Camp purchase is NON REFUNDABLE. To protect your investment please consider purchasing Summer Camp Insurance.

Flex Pay is a simple new approach to paying for camp, allowing you to customize your payment schedule. With Flex Pay payment plans you can break up the cost of camp into three separate payments throughout the year. Just put $409 down and this holds your spot for Summer Camp 2015! Then, you will pay the remaining balance in two equal payments on May 4, 2015 and June 1, 2015. Call 888.350.1544 to set-up a payment plan program. Payment plan is not applicable with discounts. However, there are no refunds on the initial payment # 1. We recommend that campers select Summer Camp Insurance with their Summer Camp purchase to ensure they are protected in case something happens.

What are the requirements to attend camp?

All Sessions will be for campers ages 7 and up. Adults ages 18+ are also welcome to attend any summer camp session.

Age exceptions under 7 may be made but must be approved by a Woodward Copper Camp Manager.

Snowboard and Ski Campers must be able to snowboard or ski on intermediate terrain or higher level.

Who will they be training with?

A Woodward Copper professional coach, pro athlete and staff.

Groups will be dependent on age, gender, and most importantly snowboarding, skiing, skateboarding, mountain bike, BMX, or video making ability level.

How much of the camper’s time will be spent working on their sport?

3-4 hours a day will be spent in the Barn. Snowboard and Ski campers will spend 3 to 5 hours a day on snow in one of our summer terrain parks. Skate and BMX campers will go on various offsite skate park tours a couple days a week. Mountain Bike campers will go on various offsite Mountain Bike park tours a couple days a week. Digital Media campers will spend 3 to 5 hours a day in the Digital Media Lab. Each day camper will have recreational free time in which they may select even more time training at the Barn or hang out in a camp space like the Cage or the EDGE’s lobby.

What will happen if a campers is Injured?

If a camper is injured in the Terrain Park (on mountain) Ski Patrol assess the injury. If a camper is injured at The Barn an Athletic Trainer will assess the injury. If a camper needs to go to the hospital they will be taken to the Emergency Room at St. Anthony’s hospital in Frisco, Colorado. If the injury is very serious 911 will be called. Parent/legal guardians/Emergency Contacts will be contacted immediately for serious injuries.

Are campers required to have a certain type of medical insurance?

No, but campers and/or their parent/legal guardians will be required to sign a Participant Release Waiver which includes a Medical Consent to Treat.

What will they be eating?

Breakfast has generally varied between fresh fruit, cereal, breakfast burritos, French toast, eggs, bacon, sausage, and breakfast bagels.

Lunch and dinner has generally been kid friendly fare: pasta, lasagna, ravioli, a variety of deli sandwiches, salad bar, peanut butter/jam sandwiches, pizza, hotdogs, hamburgers, fried chicken, pulled pork sandwiches, and tacos.

Vegetarian options can be accommodated but not vegan

Some food allergies may be accommodated please fill out the appropriate paper work in the Pre-Arrival Packet.

* Snacks are not provided please plan to have some spending money for food outside of meal times.

Which activities will be free?

Unlimited access to all of the features and zones in The Woodward Copper Barn.
NEW FOR 2017: Introducing the Woodward WreckTangle, a unique "ninja course" style obstacle course for all ages and skill levels.

What about skateboarding and BMX?

The snowboard, ski campers, and digital media will not be coached in skateboarding or BMX, but they will have unlimited access to Woodward’s skatelite features. Skateboarding will also be allowed in the Copper Village. Skateboard and BMX campers will have assigned coaches.

Can I visit or watch my camper?

Friends and Family Members will be able to visit and stay in the Village since it is open to the public. Friends and Family Members will not be able to watch anything from on snow Central Terrain Park, due to limited transportation up the mountain. However they may spectate the on snow activity if they choose to hike up the mountain. They will be able to go into the Barn, only during spectator hours.

Booking a Photo or Video shoot?

Video Shoot

Want a video to take home after your summer at Woodward? We are excited to offer our video shoots! You will receive a 2 minute video filmed and edited by our professional videographers. The content is up to you! Whether you would like footage of stomping that new trick or just a video with your new friends at camp- we can do it all.
$349 covers 4hrs. of filming (2 hours on snow and 2 hours off snow) and 4hrs. of editing; the end product will be a 2 minute edit that will be sent to you via email.

Photo Shoot

Want some photos to take home after your summer at Woodward? For one hour a Woodward At Copper photographer will get as many shots as possible of you. A completed photo shoot will offer 12+ action photos, five of which will be edited. Just like video shoots, the content of the photos is up to you! $129 covers one hour of taking photos. The end product will be 12+ action photos, 5 of which will be edited that will be sent to you via email.

Video and Photo shoots sell out fast, so book right away to lock in your shoot.

Can I send or bring baked goods to camp?

For campers celebrating their birthday at camp, or any other parent wanting to send baked goods or other foods to their camper, any food brought to camp must be pre-packaged non-potentially hazardous foods from a licensed, professional company such as a professional licensed bakery. Campers may not bring or receive any home prepared foods.


Campers Under The Age of 18

Will the camper be chaperoned up to Copper Mountain?

No, campers will not have a chaperone from DIA up to Copper Mountain. However, there will be a Woodward at Copper employee stationed at DIA to help ensure campers get on their appropriate shuttle. Shuttle Service is available through Summit Express.

Is there a chance camp will be cancelled?

Yes, Woodward at Copper requires a minimum of 40 campers to operate a summer camp session.

Woodward will decide the cut off by May 5, 2014 and will let people know if a camp is cancelled.

Woodward will deal 100% of all questions relating to cancellations due to not meeting the minimum requirement. 

However, we haven’t cancelled a Snowboard, ski, or skateboard camp in three summers. Mountain Bike, BMX, Cheer and Digital Media are the only ones that have the potential of being cancelled.

Who will be watching the campers?

There will be counselors, and coaches who will remain the same during the duration of the camp week.

The coaches will accompany the campers on the hill and in the Barn. They will also accompany the campers during day time activities when they are not being coached.

Note Adult Campers will only be assigned to coaching groups.

The overnight counselors will be accompanying campers during night time activities and staying overnight on camper floors at the EDGE to ensure lights out hours go smoothly

What happens if my camper gets homesick?

There will be camp employees in charge of homesick campers. They will take the appropriate measures to try their best to resolve the situation.

Will the campers be unsupervised at any time?

Unsupervised times are limited…There will be a “Campus Map” built within Copper Mountain where the Campers may go unsupervised. It is mandatory that the coaches and counselors know where they are going. In general the campers do move between locations with their coaching or counselor groups.

Leaving the “Campus Map” territory is a violation of the Big No’s and will result in being excused from camp.

Adult Campers are exempt.

What will Campers do at night?

Campers will spend their nights keeping busy with a range of activities. The Cage lounge which provides a ping pong table, foosball, acoustic guitars, video games, internet café, Arcade, and other camp activities. We also have create a Skate where campers can purchase a blank skate deck and design their own graphic. Other activities may be scavenger hunts, tie dye and acid wash clinics, dodge ball, foosball and ping pong tourneys, ski, snowboard, and Action Sports videos will be viewed regularly, free time at the Woodward at Copper Barn and snow and action sports contests.

How Can I give my camper extra money?

You can deposit cash in the camper’s Camp Bank during arrival day.

How can I stay in touch with my camper?

Campers will have free internet access via computers at the EDGE and the Cage. There is also free Wi-Fi for campers at the Barn. It is recommended they bring their cell phones due to their only being pay phones at the EDGE. The camper is not allowed to have their phone turned on during coached sessions. Training facilities that fall under the coached sessions include the Barn and summer Central Terrain Park. You may call the Camp Office at 1-970-968-2318, extension 60824

Woodward Copper Camp Rules and Regulations

Here are a couple of the big “No’s” if a camper violates any of these they will be sent home with no refund.

  • No to the use and/or possession of alcohol, drugs, tobacco, any other illegal or inappropriate substance,
  • No fighting, aggressive, threatening or bullying behavior, or harassment of any sort (including sexual harassment, i.e., unwanted advances toward other campers, employees, or Copper Mountain Resort guests).
  • No hitchhiking
  • No stealing. Any items that are found will be confiscated and result in calls to the appropriate law enforcement officials (if warranted).
  • No graffiti or vandalism of any kind.


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