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Woodward Copper now offers Corporate Team Building adventures that present mental, physical and creative teambuilding challenges to foster positive group dynamics and lasting memories. We have partnered with Colorado's CBST Adventures to create amazing experiences for our Corporate Team Building clients. Founded in 1994, CBST Adventures brings over 20 years of experience in Corporate Team Building programs as well as indoor and outdoor adventure programs. With full access to Woodward Coppers 19,000 square foot indoor sports facility "The Barn", plus options to enjoy all the activities at Copper Mountain, we can deliver a truly unique experience that your team will never forget!

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Pricing & Programs

Programs and activities are fully customizable to suit your group's specific needs and goals:
Half Day Programs starting at $325 per person
Full Day Programs starting at $650 per person

Half Day Woodward Action Sports Team Challenge

Half Day (4 hours) Indoor adventure at the Woodward Copper Barn

This is an opportunity for your team to live the vicarious adrenaline sports dream! Teams will join together to learn the fundamentals and techniques necessary to activate several of the Woodward training features like the foam pit, trampoline and skate ramps. CBST Adventures has repurposed these amenities into innovative team challenges that will require creative thinking and collaboration, communication and personal support. Events are designed to be attainable by all people regardless of age, experience or fitness level, and folks can decide which challenges they want to participate in and what role best suits them in each situation.

Earning points for successful challenge completion is the goal of the game. Teammates will have to work closely together to make sure all the right dynamics are in play and so that the strengths of each individual are best utilized. Challenges can be physical, intellectual and thought-provoking, assuring that all team members are fully engaged and responsible for the greater success of the entire team. All of the group initiatives are imbedded with specific strategic objectives so that teams will have to maximize teamwork to gain points. This team building like you’ve never experienced!

*Your event at the Woodward can be combined with other outdoor activities at the resort, on Copper mountain or in the backcountry of Summit County. For more information, see Additional Experiences below.

Full Day Woodward Action Sports Team Challenge

Full Day (8 hours) Indoor adventure at the Woodward Copper Barn

A full day team building event at Woodward allows us the opportunity to dig deeper into the techniques, form and trick progressions, and the time apply those newly formed skills in unique and savvy team initiatives. Morning sessions involve being trained by our professional coaches on basics techniques for the different Woodward features. This initial training builds confidence and breaks down personal limitations and allows for a more refined group experience later in the day. After lunch in the afternoon session, team members will test out their newfound skills in customized corporate team challenges at various stations around the facility. Expand your perception of what can be accomplished through coaching and teamwork!

*Your event at the Woodward can be combined with other outdoor activities at the resort, on Copper mountain or in the backcountry of Summit County. For more information, see Additional Experiences below.

Team Building at Woodward Copper

Facilitation and Coaching:

CBST's facilitators and corporate coaches will customize your Woodward experience to enhance your group’s specific meeting goals and conference objectives. They’ll be at your side the entire way not only assisting folks in the initiatives, but also observing group interactions, giving feedback on team dynamics and connecting the dots to real-world lessons and insights that can be applied back at the office. This integrated experiential approach is the best method for enacting real change and growth within your team.

Additional Experiences

Copper Mountain Resort & On-Mountain Adventure Sports

Woodward Copper is conveniently located on-site at Copper Mountain Resort, with easy access to all of Copper Mountain's activities and amenities. A wide array of additional experiences can be added to your team building activity, including the all new Woodward WreckTangle, rock climbing, mountain biking, hiking, golfing, mini golf, zip-lines, go-karts, quad bungee jump and more. Winter experiences include world class skiing and snowboarding, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, fat-biking on snow and alpine roller coaster thrill rides. All activities at Copper Mountain can easily be added to your event to create an unforgettable experience that will strengthen and empower your team.

Wilderness Adventure Sports

CBST Adventures’ seasoned guides have access to all the backcountry trails in the area and offer guided / facilitated activities such as mountain biking, cross country skiing, rock climbing, hiking, snowshoeing, rafting, kayaking, high angle ropes, wilderness survival / rescue courses, orienteering and more! These outdoor sessions are designed to complement your leadership objectives and meeting content. Itinerary will vary based on group details, season and region.

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Team Building at Woodward Copper


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