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The Playground is now closed for the remainder of the summer 2017 season.

New for 2017, The Playground at Copper Mountain gives the youngest members of your family the opportunity to experience the joys of summertime snow. The Playground features miniature foam obstacles and Burton Riglet™ snowboards to give young shredders their first taste of sliding on snow. Burton Riglet™ snowboards have special kid-friendly features like handlebars for balance or Riglet Reels™ for towing riders around on snow. Day passes for The Playground can be purchased for $15.

The Playground also features a snow play area where children can play in the snow, make snowballs, snow castles, snow angels and more. Snow play is FREE and no ticket is required when not using the Riglet™ boards or features.

The Playground at Woodward Copper is open to participants ages 3-10. Helmets are provided and are required when using the Burton Riglet™ boards.
Parents are welcome into The Playground to have fun with their families and assist with Riglet™ boards, however anyone over 10 years old may not ride on the equipment or features.

The Playground


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Hours: Open 10am - 2pm Friday through Wendesday. The Playground is closed on Thursdays for grooming.

Age requirements: Open to participants ages 3-10 and their parents.

Cost: $15 for a full day pass.

Equipment: Burton Riglet™ boards are available to use during paid sessions. Helmets are provided and required when using the Riglet™ boards. Waterproof footwear like snowboard boots or rain boots are encouraged but not required (summer snow play may result in wet shoes, please plan ahead). The Playground receives ample Colorado sunshine, sunblock and/or sun protective clothing are recommended.

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